Nico Finkernagel Software Developer

My Expertise

My name is Nico Finkernagel and I’m a german student who loves to explore new things and loves to code.


In my daily routine I work with platforms build with sql, and C#


I love to develop with javascript and node.js. It's s simple and beautiful way to create outstanding Projects.


My main tools are Git and Atom. My favourite javascript Libraries are p5.js and matter.js. Check them out!

Featured Projects


Kmeans Library for Javascript

I created a simple Javascript Library to visualize the kmeans clustering process. Check it out!


Pong against an AI

I created a version of pong where you can play against an AI written in JavaScript. Check it out!


Gruselhaus hosts a own GitLab Instance now!

I decided to host a own instance of GitLab for critical projects.

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